Episode 11: Keeping score in the world of sports retail | Mike Starkey

On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Mike Starkey, Chief Information Officer at Christy Sports. Mike has held several positions in e-commerce and retail over the years, including VP of IT Strategy at enVista, Senior VP of Information Systems at Performance Bicycle and Director of IT Retail Strategy at Sears. His experience has touched all aspects of the retail world including e-commerce, logistics, and supply chain, as well as strategy and business management. During the episode, Paul and Mike discuss the future of sports marketing, e-commerce and retail. They touch on what’s on the horizon for e-commerce, specifically in the sports world, how to stay current and innovative in the space, and the importance of offering the customer a full-service experience rather than just a transactional relationship.

Learn more about Mike Starkey: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mstarkey/ 

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