Episode 12: Driving Change in the Transportation Industry | Michael Nalepka

On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with Michael Nalepka, the General Manager of VideoProtects at J. J. Keller. Offering video-based solutions for drivers and fleets, VideoProtects is bringing the science of video-telematics to the transportation market. Having joined J. J. Keller this past January, Michael has had an extensive career in the transportation technology field. He’s held roles at Procon Analytics and PeopleNet, helping to drive innovation and cutting-edge product development in the transportation industry throughout his career. During the episode, Michael and Paul discuss how video technology and AI are transforming to keep drivers, fleets, and highways safe. They also discuss how the transportation industry changed as a result of the pandemic, and where it’s headed from here.

Learn more about Michael Nalepka: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-nalepka-5831682a/ 

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