Episode 9: How the rewards and loyalty industry is winning big | Wes Schroll

Establishing a personal relationship with your customers is all about building a strong foundation of trust, understanding and mutual respect. In other words, people want to feel like the brands they support are also supporting them. One way to make customers feel truly valued is by rewarding them for their loyalty through perks, points, special deals or gifts, which is where the growing rewards and loyalty industry comes in clutch. In this episode, Paul sits down with the founder and CEO of Fetch Rewards, Wes Schroll, to discuss what’s new in the rewards and loyalty space, why consumer loyalty has become more of a priority in recent years, and how brands can simplify the process to create a streamlined customer journey from beginning to end. Wes explains how Fetch Rewards is making it easier than ever for brands to maintain strong relationships with their customers, while empowering consumers to benefit from the purchases they make every day.

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