Episode 7: Exploring Digital Transformation in the Energy Industry | Vicki Knott

On this episode of Transform it Forward, Paul is joined by Vicki Knott, Co-founder, and CEO of Crux OCM, a company utilizing AI and real-time optimization to enable semi-autonomous operation of oil pipelines, reducing risk and increasing efficiency. The future Vicki pictures for this technology goes beyond oil and gas and allows existing systems in energy and other industries to function more efficiently and profitably, bettering the human experience for workers and customers alike.  

Together, they discuss:  

  1. The important but challenging nature of innovation in an industry as traditional as oil and gas  
  2. The sweet spot in terms of human-centric versus machine-learned jobs and how to balance the two for maximum efficiency and safety   
  3. How and why we need to focus on existing energy assets instead of focusing solely on renewable energy. 

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