Episode 6: A People-First Approach to Supply Chain Transformation | Robert Gerwig

Supply chain disruption is arguably an inevitability. Factors such as political unrest, tariffs and even weather can cause global supply chain disruption. So how do you manage these disruptions? And as you address major supply chain issues, how do you ensure your people remain at the forefront of everything you do, while still holding your own with the supply chain giants of the world?

In today’s episode, Paul is joined by Robert Gerwig, Senior Vice President of Distribution at Sweetwater, the leading online retailer for musical instruments and audio gear in the U.S. Robert has more than thirty years of experience in manufacturing, fulfillment, and operations. As a private, rapidly growing online retailer, Sweetwater is one of the smaller supply chains Robert has worked with. But in terms of technology and expertise, Robert says it’s right up there with the big players and has allowed him to strike a careful balance between speed and style, the quantifiable and the qualitative– things that, according to Robert, don’t need to be at odds.

Paul and Robert discuss:

  • The value of solid contingency planning to find success in your supply chains
  • How to balance “hard” measurable things like speed of service with “soft” things like customer experience
  • The importance of valuing your people– whether that means your customers, employees, or vendors — and how it can help you find success with your business objectives

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