Episode 5: Business Continuity and the Remote Work Revolution | Amy MacGregor

Most work environments look very different than they did mere months ago. The shift to remote work was violently accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing workplaces everywhere to manage internal and external challenges they never could have anticipated. Even companies with strong business continuity plans found themselves executing on them more rapidly than they had ever expected. Remaining operational and productive throughout management of a crisis is at the heart of every business continuity plan, but how do you spring into action to manage global-scale  challenges that previously seemed unfathomable?   

On this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul chats with VP of Employee Experience at Manulife, Amy MacGregor.  For 15+ years, Amy has been a champion of efficient employee experiences that focus on human centred design and collaboration. Her “getting it done together” attitude is driving her team at Manulife through the COVID pandemic.

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