Episode 4: Accelerating the Future of Healthcare | Dr. Daniel Pepe and Albert Tai

What does the future of healthcare look like after the COVID-19 pandemic? Paul sits down with Dr. Daniel Pepe and Albert Tai to discuss the before and after pictures of the healthcare industry, to uncover how it adapted to the ‘new normal’ we’re experiencing today. Dr. Daniel Pepe is a distinguished clinician and educator, with several awards under his belt including the OMA Resident Achievement Award and the PARO Resident Trust Fund Teaching Award. Albert Tai is equally as impressive, being the CEO of Hypercare, a company tackling healthcare’s archaic ways of communication, specifical coordination around patient care.   

The three discuss:   

  1. How healthcare professionals pivoted their lines of care to digital processes;  
  2. The technologies currently being used to support frontline healthcare workers;  
  3. How digital workflows are connecting healthcare practices together;  
  4. The importance of understanding your stakeholders. 

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