Episode 17: Dousing the flames: reducing wildfire risk | John Clarke Mills

Most entrepreneurs will agree that the best ideas are born out of a genuine need to solve a problem. Necessity is the mother of invention, and if you’re facing a challenge, there’s a good chance there are others who have encountered the same issue. For John Clarke Mills, CEO and Co-Founder of Watch Duty, it was the need for more information about the wildfires that were raging around the ranch he had just bought in Sonoma County, California. It was this pain point that led him to launch the company, which is operated by experienced fire reporters and many other collaborators who diligently monitor radio scanners and other data sources 24 hours a day to keep people updated in real-time. In this episode, Paul sits down with John to pick his brain on Watch Duty, how it works, and the company’s plans for the future. During their conversation, they discuss everything from how to keep an edge against the competition to finding your purpose in life as an entrepreneur.

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