Episode 16: The future of hospitality in a post-pandemic world | Jason Fudin

We all know the pandemic has drastically changed the real estate market, but more changes are yet to come. The urban landscape is transforming, and companies like Placemakr are here to usher in the new era. Placemakr is a tech-enabled hospitality platform and operator that’s seeking to revolutionize the way we think of urban real estate. In this episode, Paul sits down with Placemakr’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Fudin, to get his take on the transformation, and what we can expect for the future of the industry. Prior to co-founding Placemakr, Jason was the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Vornado Realty Trust, where he worked on large asset repositioning and developing innovative commercial real estate concepts for the organization. Over his career, Jason has managed commercial real estate development projects valued at over $2 billion and has worked in development, acquisitions, and capital markets. Jason shares his perspective on a variety of topics related to the evolving hospitality industry including maximizing value, taking advantage of greenfields and prioritizing a tech-enabled customer experience.

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