Episode 11: Digital disruptions in the publishing world | Seema Lakhani

On Transform It Forward, Paul and his guests often discuss new and emerging technologies, exciting innovations and the digital revolution. However, no matter how advanced our technology becomes, there will always be a fundamental human need for powerful storytelling. In this episode of Transform It Forward, he sits down with Seema Lakhani, Chief Product Officer at Wattpad, to explore how technology is merging with the art of storytelling to create a completely new landscape for the publishing world. Wattpad is a user-generated, online platform where readers and writers come together to create and consume stories. The platform was recently acquired by Naver for $600 million, which has opened up even more possibilities for the company to continue innovating in the future. During their discussion, Paul and Seema cover a wide variety of topics related to publishing including the creator economy, the golden age of content, and much more.

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