Episode 10: A new era of leadership | David Cummins

As industries across the board continue to transform, we’re not only changing the work we do every day, but also, how we do said work. Without the right dynamic, culture, and leadership structure, a team can fall apart pretty quickly. Improving the way we work is often just as important as the work itself. This is a practice often referred to as organizational development, and it’s playing an increasingly essential role in corporate structures everywhere.

In this episode of Transform It Forward, Paul sits down with David Cummins, an expert in organizational development, as well as a transformation facilitator, leadership and collaboration mentor, speaker, writer and much more. He’s also the owner and managing director of Ministry Group, an agency based in Hamburg, Germany.

During their discussion, they chat about strategies for improving the way we work in team settings and as individuals so we can reach our fullest potential.

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