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Episode 9: How the rewards and loyalty industry is winning big

Establishing a personal relationship with your customers is all about building a strong foundation of trust, understanding and mutual...

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Episode 8: Shifting gears in the used cars industry | Toby Russel

The most effective industry disruptions are born from an unmet consumer need. Without a firm grasp on the needs,...

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Episode 7: Shaping the future of America’s cities with macro trends in mind | Alon Marcovici

Moving the needle when it comes to developing city infrastructure isn’t always easy. It’s a balancing act involving multiple...

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Episode 6: Bridging the Tech Gap in the Recreational and Outdoor Power Equipment Markets | Jason Guss

As we continue to witness major transformations happening across industries, many smart investors are keeping an eye on previously...

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Episode 5: Revolutionizing the Seniors Care Industry | Sandy Jen

It’s no secret that the seniors care sector has been in need of a major transformation for decades, but...

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Episode 4: Bringing Estate Planning Into the Digital Age | Julia Staffen

Will and estate planning has been notoriously complex and burdensome, but new technologies are helping us bring the process...

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