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Episode 19: Digital transformation predictions for 2023 | Vince Padua and Brian Otten

For the series finale of Transform It Forward, Paul takes a moment to reflect on the past 12 months and...

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Episode 18: Evolving the healthcare insurance space through tech | Neetu Rajpal

We all know the healthcare space has undergone dramatic changes in recent years, and this episode is all about...

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Episode 17: Dousing the flames: reducing wildfire risk | John Clarke Mills

Most entrepreneurs will agree that the best ideas are born out of a genuine need to solve a problem....

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Episode 16: The future of hospitality in a post-pandemic world | Jason Fudin

We all know the pandemic has drastically changed the real estate market, but more changes are yet to come....

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Episode 15: Revolutionizing the customer experience | Lara Compton

With an ever-evolving tech landscape, stiff competition and an undeniably changing world, marketers seem to have more to contend...

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Episode 14: Refining Workforce Needs and Wants

In the third and final installment of this special Transform It Forward mini-series, Paul reviews some of the highlights...

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